Lesson Policy

Costello Classical Music Studio Policy

  • I teach the following instruments:
    • Guitar: Classical, Acoustic, and Electric
    • Bass: Electric and Double Bass (Orchestra)
    • Piano
    • Drums
    • Violin and Viola
    • Woodwinds (Flute, Saxophone, and Clarinet)
  • For Violin, Viola, Woodwinds, Piano, and Drums I only have availability for beginners. After they advance beyond the first year I refer these students to other private teachers in the area. 
  • For beginners: weekly private lessons are 30 minutes long.  As the student progresses and matures they may be asked to move to a 45-minute lesson. Only for the most advanced students do I provide hour long lessons.
  • I teach only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I don’t provide lessons during major holidays and for two weeks in the summer.
  • When a student reaches a sufficient technical level they will attend ensemble class in addition to their private lesson.
  • A parent will attend the lessons with their student.
    • For ages 5-11, the student must be  accompanied by their parent at all times while in the teaching studio with me. The parent takes the role of the coach and  takes notes and for the duration of the lesson.
    • For ages 12-18, if the student requests, the parent may wait in the hallway, but must be present at the lesson location for the entire lesson duration.
  • After the lesson and during the week, I am available to answer questions and support the parent with their needs. I only book 15 hours per week for lessons, which gives me five hour each week to review my notes and video of your child’s lessons. It also gives me time to consult with my student’s parent-coachs. 
  • At home, the parent is the coach and helps the student practice correctly, offers encouragement with positive comments, gentle correction, enthusiasm, and general good vibes. 
  • Music practice takes dedication, a lot of experimentation (failure), and patience. An important goal is for me and the parent together to help their student to develop independence and artistry on their own.
  • In music, parental involvement is essential for the child’s success. Less than 5% of children are able to become good musicians without parental support and encouragement. 
  • I expect my students to practice daily ( 5 to 6 days a week). Less than five days a week will diminish the students progress dramatically. Many instruments, such as the guitar, are portable and can often go on family vacations. Practicing 5 hours the day before is not acceptable and may actually cause more harm than good. 
  • During the first three months of lessons the student will practice at least 30 minutes a day. After the 3rd month I will assess the progress of the student and determine if this is a good fit. If it is determined that the student will continue, I expect the student to practice 1 hour a day for the remainder of the year.
  • During the second year students will practice from 2-4 hours a day, depending on their musical ambitions. Mastery of the instrument cannot be achieve with less than three hours a day of practice.
  • All students are expected to perform in my studio recitals at least twice during the year.
  • I’m exclusive. I have an incredibly high success and retention rate, because I only work with students and their parents who are as excited and passionate about music as I am.
  • I have a waiting list and am fully booked most of the year, but I am currently taking new students.  As lesson times do, at times, come available, contact me now to reserve your lesson time.
  • All parents of children ages 5-14 are required to go through two orientation lessons prior to their child taking lessons.
  • My tuition ranges from $180 to $360 monthly and is due on the first of the month.
  • Same day cancellation policy: 24 hour notice is required to avoid paying for a same day cancellation.